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There are lots of things to take into consideration when you first get a new pet. Something which you need to make a priority is a service known as pet microchipping. This simple procedure is a new and effective way of attaching identification to an animal so that you can be reunited with her in the event that she is lost or stolen and then recovered. Although it doesn’t necessarily replace a collar and tag, which can be helpful if she is found locally without the need to find someone who can scan her, pet microchipping has proven to be so beneficial that in some countries, it is considered a legal requirement. This isn’t the case in the U.S. yet, but all veterinarians strongly recommend this procedure as part of your pet’s care.

We can offer pet microchipping at our state-of-the-art animal medical center in Richfield, OH. Here is what you need to know about pet microchipping before you schedule your pet’s appointment.

What Does Microchipping Involve?

The microchipping procedure is very straightforward as the microchip is administered in the same way as a vaccination – via an injection into the skin between the shoulder blades. This is made possible since the microchip itself is about the size of a grain of rice. The process takes just a few seconds and your pet shouldn’t feel any more pain than she would if she was having her annual shots. If your pet becomes lost or stolen and is recovered, the area between her shoulder blades can be scanned using an RFID scanner, which activates the chip to release the information stored on it. Most animal shelters and veterinarians now have access to RFID scanners for this purpose.

What Information is Placed Onto the Microchip?

The microchip itself contains just two pieces of information. The name of the microchip provider so that the person who is scanning your pet knows who to contact, and a unique reference number. This number correlates to a database entry held by the microchip provider, which contains your personal information so that you can be contacted in the event that your pet is recovered. Some databases also allow you to include pertinent information about your pet such as any allergies or health conditions that she has. This can be important if she requires immediate, emergency treatment by a vet before you can reach her.

Are my Personal Details Safe?

Many people are concerned about the risk of identity theft when their information is stored anywhere online. Fortunately, microchipping providers understand that they have a responsibility to their customers and take the storage of your personal information very seriously, investing a great deal of time, money and effort into their security.

What Happens if I Need to Change my Personal Details?

Personal details can be changed fairly easily by contacting your microchip provider. However, you will first need to prove that you are the registered owner by passing a number of security measures, and this helps to ensure that nobody else can tamper with the identification that is attached to your pet. It is important to bear in mind that while the information that you initially give is usually included in the cost of the microchipping process, subsequent changes to your personal information stored by the microchip provider may be subject to charges.

What Are the Benefits of Pet Microchipping Over Conventional ID Tags?

There are a number of distinct benefits to microchipping your pet instead of using a traditional tag and collar. These include:

- Microchipping is tamper-proof, unlike a tag that can be removed.

- Microchips cannot fall out or be caught on something.

- Your personal information is kept private and can only be accessed by the microchip provider and the professional who scans her.

- Microchips do not need replacing.

- Studies have shown that pets that are microchipped are significantly more likely to be successfully reunited with their owners.

Are you ready to schedule your pet’s microchipping appointment? If the answer is yes, or if you have any other questions about this service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Richfield Animal Medical Center in Richfield, OH today (330) 659-6606.